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You may be wondering the kinds of things you will see in the video defensive driving course. Maybe this sneak peek will help.

Defensive Driving Doesn't Get any Easier Than This!

Our video course is provided courtesy of our partner driving school,, one of the fastest growing driving safety course providers in Texas. They have the same philosophy toward defensive driving that we do - you learn more if you are enjoying yourself. This video course was clearly developed with that mission in mind. It's funny and smart and keeps you engaged while you learn tips and techniques that will make you more careful, conscientious and confident behind the wheel.

Just the Same, Only Better

Just as with any online course, our video course gives you the flexibility to work whenever and wherever you want. The course works well on any internet-enabled device you might have so you can take your course with you wherever you go.

Another reason you may want to go video is that, unlike our standard course, there's no final exam. Instead, you'll only take short unit quizzes while the information is still fresh on your mind. To make passing even easier, there is a review video right before every quiz.

Oh, and one more thing... If you're taking the course at a public place and forget your earbuds, there is closed captioning available to save you from weird stares from across the coffee shop.

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Dismiss your ticket as easily as watching TV!